This blog has been created to share with friends and families, news from our son Elder Góes serving his mission in Tokyo Japan.

Current Time in Tokyo

New Area - Kumagaya - (45)

...once he realized that was something to work on and started to work on it. Since Saturday morning, EVERY SINGLE PERSON we talked to, gave us their phone number. Yes we did meet with sekiguchi again and he is an awesome guy. He races motorcycles and will soon become a real estate agent. On Sunday we had a SELF REFFERAL come to church who is coming again next week. Sunday after church came the coolest and saddest experience this week. We were riding our bikes because we were going to go housing but we went down this hill thing and started riding near the river. Why? idk. so we kept going and going and all of the sudden Elder Anderson just starts riding across this park thing towards the river...I’m like okay lets go see the river then... so we go and we look at the river and there is this guy reading a book. The second we get there the guy looks up and says konichiwa, then starts walking towards us. The conversation just starts like no problem, we didn’t introduce ourselves we didn’t ask him to talk to us he came and started talking to us. Somehow either from the way we were dressed or the nametag on our jackets he figured out we were missionaries. So naturally the conversation drifted towards religion and we started talking to him about heavenly father and how he exists and how he loves each and every one of us and actually has a plan for us, the guy listened very intently and said we gave him a lot to think about. He also said that at this point in his life he can’t change religions but said that later he will look into it. we tried to give him a book of Mormon but he said that if he took the book of Mormon he would read it, and with the mindset he has now he wouldn’t be able to judge whether it’s true or not because he is so focused on his religion (one of the few active Buddhists in Japan) but he said he would look into it sometime. I know that probably sounds like nothing but, sometimes we reap and sometimes we sow I think that was a really good seed planted and it was so natural I swear we knew each other before hand.


  1. From the Loayza's
    best wishes on your missionary trip we miss you in the banches on sundays !!!