This blog has been created to share with friends and families, news from our son Elder Góes serving his mission in Tokyo Japan.

Current Time in Tokyo

Girl by the bridge ledge

So me and Elder Albretsen were riding our bikes in the 100 mph wind up and down hills like every other great day in Narita and we were going to be biking for a while this time and when we reached a place where we were going to turn he passed the turn and as were going to go back the light turned red. So we could either A wait, or B take the bikes up these overpass bridge looking thing that goes over traffic which we chose to do. As we went up and crossed that bridge there was this girl looking down into traffic and I thought to myself... Whoa, don't jump now.... As we kept crossing I kept thinking.... so I asked Elder Albretsen are you thinking what I'm thinking? He asked what. I replied, telling her not to do it. He had been thinking the same thing. He asked you feel like we should talk to her? I knew we weren’t suppose to as missionaries in Tokyo Japan but, we really felt like we should. We decided not to ignore that feeling and go talk to her. We approached her and said Hi... nothing... so we asked... How are you doing?? She started to cry (I didn't notice this but later Elder Albretsen told me that her feet were on the ledge.) She started crying and speaking in Japanese while crying is very hard to understand but somehow we picked out the main words and were able to talk to her a little bit, we invited her to a McDonalds that was very near the bridge but she said she was on her way to work at the airport. We walked her to the train station talked to her a little bit there and then she went to work. I kept thinking about that incident a lot after and if he hadn't missed the turn, we wouldn't have crossed the bridge. I learned a lot about how much Heavenly Father loves his children. I learned a lot about the Holy Ghost and how he works. We had no idea why he missed the turn. We had no idea why we didn't just wait for the light... it took like 1 minute longer... and never did I think. Oh, that’s the spirit guiding us. My expectations have changed a lot and I just hope that I can be prepared and in tune with the spirit so that maybe I can help more of Heavenly Fathers children. She is coming to English class on Wednesday and we will see if we can get the Chiba sisters to start teaching her. I'm very grateful for this gospel and for all the blessings I have received from it. I am grateful that I have been blessed with knowledge of Heavenly Father's plan for me and for the opportunity I have to be serving Him and teaching people about this great work. I love my Savior and I know that he died for me and because of Him, it doesn't matter who I was or what I have been but who I am, and what I can do now. I miss you guys very much but there’s no other place I would rather be. I love Japan and the people here.

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  1. Amei a experiência!!! Foi maravilhosa mesmo... Sao essas pequenas coisas q nos fazem enxergar as maiores... Sempre somos instrumentos na mao do Senhor so precisamos estar atentos aos sussurros do Espírito Santo como vcs estavam nessa ocasiao. Sou feliz por saber q tem crescido espiritualmente a casa dia e q tem aprendido mais e mais sobre o plano do nosso Pai Celestial, com certeza nao ha lugar melhor para vc estar nesse momente. Saiba q o Senhor esta mto feliz por vc e por saber q esta contribuindo mto com a obra Dele. Jo vc eh um menino de ouro, torco e oro sempre por vc...
    Love you.