This blog has been created to share with friends and families, news from our son Elder Góes serving his mission in Tokyo Japan.

Current Time in Tokyo

Miracles happens

Okay, so here is my week.
We have been working okay lately. My companions and my mission president all say I am too hard on myself but I think that we could be working a little harder. I could be a lot more focused then I am. I am trying though; we have been housing a lot and teaching quite a bit as well. Man I sure hate Satan. Wow, what a jerk. It is ridiculous how well he knows our weak points, he knows when we are trying to be better and he knows right when to throw distractions in.
Highlights of the Week.
Baptismal date with Yabuki. June 13!!
I fixed my bike
I learned a whole new meaning as to why I am here
Saw the love God has for me first hand.
Ate a Lot
Okay me and Elder Ttsuchida have been talking a lot lately, can I just say how amazing it is to have a Brazilian companion!! Wow, have never gotten along so well with any of my companions before. He wants to work, but he also wants to have fun which makes working fun. Oh how miss math... ha-ha anyway
We were coming home from a night of housing and running into evangelical after evangelical, like everywhere we knocked we would say Nos somos missionarios da Igreja de... Amen Irmao Amen.... then you knows exactly who you are dealing with. anyway we have knocked and gotten a couple appointments and I don’t remember exactly how we got to it but we got to the point that, The entire reason that we are here is so that the people can feel the power of the atonement. All these people THINK they have felt it but they haven’t. You can NOT partake of the blessings of the atonement unless you were baptized and by the proper authority, It gave me a whole new outlook on the work, helped me see the urgency in it, helped me feel a greater love for the people I was teaching, in short I think I came a little closer to understanding kind of what the sons of Mosiah where feeling when they went out to preach because they could not bear the thought of even one soul pereshing. I hope that now I can just keep that motivation as strong as I felt it for another year =] So on the way home we realized we had very little food at the apartment we went to Beissia (the closest grocery store) and we both had no money in our wallets so we were like...well we can have bread for dinner... (by no money I meant like 300 yen which is like three dollars) so we left Bessia through the back and we saw a Yaki Tori car parked there...I had never had it before and Tsuchida said it was worth the 300 yen so I went to by some.. When I placed my order the guy who worked at the car looked at Tsuchida and said... Hey I remember you from Kiryu. (when Tsuchida was serving in Kiryu he would meet this guy all the time and became good friends of his and learned that he actually even though he was Japanese had spent quite some time in Brazil) so the guy just starts handing us food.. And when I ask how much it was he told me it was a present from him. Now think about it, all we had in the apartment was bread. No butter, no mayo, no nothing. Just bread and udon actually...but even that alone is no good. So we get way happy and we get home look at the fridge and just kind of laugh, that second we get a call from Brother Wener Campos. He asks us where we are and when we tell him we were in the apartment he said he would be right over. He takes forever and I joke maybe he made a pit stop at Bessia and is buying us dinner. He gets there and we go down to meet him and as I am talking to his wife Erica he is taking out bags full of groceries for us. He said we have been worrying a lot about you guys lately and Elder Goes is losing weight so we thought this would be appreciated. They gave us about 5 bags full of food and also a lot of new socks (Tsuchida had the WORST pair of shoes ever and they had holes and he was basically walking barefoot so all his socks had holes) they said that we are working so hard here, with a new area, new apartment spreading the good news of the gospel that it is the least they can do. Now let me tell you a little bit about this family, they have 3 kids. oldest maybe like 9 and youngest is still a baby. the dad had surgery on his arm and hasn’t been working for like 4 months. the mom has had to work to feed the family. The dad just started working again and the night before he had jointed with us during a lesson. He finished work at 6 30 and was picking us up at Cainz home ( a store near Yabukis house) at 7 30. That family has been one of the biggest blessings I have ever had on my mission. They knew exactly what we needed without hearing anything from us .I hope to one day be as in tune with the spirit and so willing to sacrifice for this great work like they are. I know that God loves me ,I know that this is his work ,I know that everyone here on earth is my brother or sister and that my heavenly father wants them home just as bad as he wants me home .I am nothing but blessed to be out here serving him. Thanks for all the support you guys give me. I know it must not be easy dealing with my short non detailed emails and my negligence to everything but even though I have all these flaws you still love and support me .I feel how much my family loves me even though I am all the way here in Japan . I miss you guys very much but there is no greater work to be done.


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  2. Nossa Jo q lindo!!! Amei a experiencia!!! VC disse q espera um dia realmente estar em sintonia com o espirito como essa pessoa q vc citou, e tb poder se sacrificar pelo evangelho, mas uma coisa te digo, vc ja esta em sintonia e sacrificou de certa forma sua vida p se dedicar 2 anos integrais ao Senhor, e eh por isso q eh tao abencoado na missao. Tudo q vc sente e recebe do Senhor sao simplismente as poucas bencaos das muitas q o Senhor tem reservado p vc. Ele te ama mto e por isso esta sempre ao seu lado. E sua familia ta mto feliz com tudo isso, seus pais sao super orgulhos de ter um filho tao maravilhoso e especial assim... Continua sempre assim e qdo se sentir incapaz de fazer algo, lembra q vc escolheu servir ao Senhor e q ele esta ai do seu lado esperando vc pedir o q quiser a Ele, e com sua gde fe recebera tudo q pedir... Tb to mto orgulhosa de vc crianca!!! Ja eh um homem feito, e o melhor, eh um homem feito a maneira do Senhor...
    Continua sempre firme e confiando nos poderes do Senhor e dessa forma sera cada vez mais abencoado... Bjo gde e mto sucesso!!! Amo vc lindinho!!!